School of Dragons – Choosing a Dragon!

The craze of playing role-playing games is increasing among gamers. If you want to play an RPG with action & adventure concept then School of Dragons is the best option.

The game is completely based on the training of dragon. In the beginning, the players are required to choose a type of dragon for starting the adventure.

School of Dragons

The selection of a type of dragon is not easy for the player. The main reason behind it is the complete journey in the game is based on this particular selection.

Now If you want unlimited Diamonds in the game then you should use a perfect School of Dragons Hack in order to gain these resources. It works like charm on all Android and iOS devices.

The selection of dragon is not all about choosing powerful or skillful one. Every gamer should consider some basic things –

Bond – a player need to check all details of a dragon. For performing better in the game or in any type of fight only power and strength is not required. In case you are not able to make a good bond with the dragon then it affects the performance.

Personality test – the gamer should choose the way of personality test. With the help of this particular test, players are able to get complete details about the dragon and know about its skills. By it, you can understand that the dragon matches your personality and perfect option or not.

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I hope you understood how to select a perfect dragon in the School of Dragons game. If you want to know more information then subscribe the game.


Important Security Tips of Using PaySafeCard

There are many online service providers that can help in paying safely and Paysafecard is called as the best one due to its working method. It is able to ease up every issue related to online payment.

Lots of people are using it and getting the benefit of it. Just get started by visiting the official website or downloading the app and create an account with proper information.

Paysafecard Pin

It is called as the safest but there are some safety tips that you should keep in mind.

Security Tips for Paysafecard

  • The Paysafecard Pin Code Generator can be used at many places but we recommend you to pay with this method only and only on authorized online shops. It will reduce the chances of getting into any trouble.
  • Don’t text or email the Paysafecard PIN because someone else can use it and the code will expire right after using it. The codes can be used by anyone else and someone may try to fraud with you by this method.
  • You can pay at many places but don’t pay at government authorities as well as intuitions aren’t authorized web shops. Don’t pay at such places with Paysafecard as it can cause many issues later on.

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There are many more tips that are yet to share But I think they are enough. If you follow one of these tricks then I’m sure that You will be able to secure your Paysafecard account easily.

Benefits of Using PSN Codes Online!

PSN codes are really beneficial for those who want to add funds to their PlayStation account. You can see that buying the games or other stuff is not free from this store.

Players should spend their precious money to buy the new video games and other stuff. Well, there are many kids who don’t have their own credit card then it becomes difficult for them to buy the games.

Playstation Codes

In this situation, they can choose the option of Free PSN codes No Survey and it will help them to load their PlayStation account.

They can easily go for buying the PSN cards from the game shops present in their local market or from the online stores. You can easily redeem these cards with fifa 18 hack and also without making many efforts.

Top Benefits of PSN Codes –

  1. Download and Play games without any cost
  2. Connect with Social networks
  3. Make Connectivity between friends and relatives
  4. All Playstation Games for free
  5. Online Access to Amazon Games

How to Redeem PSN Code?

The thing which you should do is to log in to your account and then go to click the redeem button. After this, you have to put the 12 digit code and you will get the fund in your account instantly.

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Majority of people are using these codes instead of credit cards to add funds to their account. This is really simple and easy method that can help you to buy anything from the online store.

I hope you have understood everything you want to know about PSN Codes. You can follow my Doracheats Blog for more updates!

Importance of Currencies in Episode Choose your Story

When we talk about Episode Choose your Story then this is really an awesome game that allows you to spend your free time in a great way. In this game, there are two main currencies that are gems and passes and you can also earn them by completing various challenges.

If you want to get the passes then you have to keep patience. You can get 4 free passes in every 3 hours otherwise you have to spend your precious money to buy them.

Gems are also the in-game currency that you can earn by playing the game. Every player can get 2 free gems on daily basis and they also have an option to spend their real life money to buy them.

Episode Choose your Story Game

With the help of enough gems, you can boost your performance in the clash royale hack game. With the help of spending in-game resources in a perfect manner, players can also unlock the next episodes.

Benefits of Passes and Gems

  • Choose from a Set of Stories
  • Customize your all stories
  • Create Unique character for the game
  • Edit your City and collect gems

If you don’t have enough game resources and this is creating troubles for you while playing the game then you have to follow some effective tips and tricks. You can also follow the correct Episode Choose your story Hack guide in order to get out of this situation.

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By using enough gems, you are able to get enough game resources to play the game in a better way.

Finally, its time to say goodbye and I will see you in the next post. I hope you liked this post about Episode game.

Madden NFL Mobile – A Complete Overview

Madden NFL is a popular development by EA Sports and there is no doubt that it is one of the popular games by EA. Basically, all the games based on sports gain millions of download faster.

It is available for IOS and Android easily. Users are able to download it for free and it offers in-app purchases to do micro-transactions for coins and cash.

Coin is the primary currency and cash is premium one. Users are able to draft new teams. The game is offering number of tasks to do in NBA Live Mobile Hack and collecting resources to get new player cards and upgrading them is one of them.

What about Gameplay

Madden NFL Mobile is quite similar to the PS and Xbox version with some real players. The tricks that help in winning are similar to real game and there is Madden Mobile Hack to check out.

Madden Mobile

Basically, winning matches helps in earning coins and cash. As you are playing the General Manager role here so pay attention on earning of resources and spending them on upgrades of players.

You can get lots of tips and tricks for Mobile games only on the site. It have android and iOS cheats available for free of cost.

This is easy and anyone can get the benefits for sure. After this, there is team ranking that help in knowing that how good your team is.

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If you wanted to be popular in Madden Mobile game then you need to follow a set of Tips and Tricks in the game. It can easily give you whole bunch of resources to stay on Top of Madden NFL Mobile Leader Board.

We will share more tips and tricks about this game and till then stay tuned for frequent updates on our Dora Cheats blog.

5 Tips for Lords Mobile Game

Lords Mobile is a Strategy based game Developed by IGG. The game have a highest rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars in the Google play store. The reason behind these ratings is that the audience liked the game a lot. The Gameplay, graphics and everything that plays a major role in Lords Mobile is interesting.

Lords Mobile

We are going to share 5 Tips for Lords Mobile now. You can also get Lords Mobile Hack No Verification with regards to these tips and tricks.

Tips for Lords mobile –

  1. Try to make a base that sticks according to your level. Make sure that the base should be strong regardless of your game points and star levels.
  2. Always try to be the best in terms of Multiplayer gameplay. Play online game with friends and beat them with your best technique.
  3. Never use the Gems or In other words, Use your gems wisely. The reason is that Gems is most important currency in Lords Mobile.
  4. One of best way to trick Lords Mobile is to get its Modded APK. This APK usually consists of Unlimited gems and other resources in the game.
  5. Play the game on daily basis so that you can get daily rewards from time to time. This is very important because you need to spend lots of coins in the game as well.

I hope that you have liked these Tips on Lords Mobile Game. You can build a great Arena in your game with the help of this technique. If you follow this technique on daily basis, You will end up on Higher levels in the Lords Mobile game quickly.

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Enjoy Playing Lords Mobile game!

Simcity Buildit Overview and Best Features!

Simcity Buildit is a beautiful Mobile game released by EA Sports. It is only game that is based on Free roam. This means that you can roam freely in any country, state and the cities. The best part of Simcity Buildit game is that it have everything that is added in The Sims 4 game.

Simcity buildit

The Sims 4 was released on PC, PS4 and Xbox devices. Now Simcity buildit is released only on clash royale hack Android and iOS platforms. The reason is that the makers wanted to have more audience from mobile generation.

Best Features of Simcity Buildit –

  • Casual Gameplay: The best gameplay in my opinion is Casual one. You can Roam freely the way you want to. With Simcity buildit, you can do it easily without any problems
  • Wonderful Graphics: The graphics of the game is wonderful and very high quality. You will love those graphics once you play this amazing game in your smartphone device.
  • Supported on Kitkat + versions: It supports almost every type of android device from Android Kitkat v4.4 above. Now a days we have introduced Nogut and Marshmellow versions as well.

The Simulation games are quite a few but these are doing well in the Mobile Industry. The simcity have an advantage that everyone can use the Simcity buildit hack No survey on its best. They don’t even need to root or jailbreak their devices in this procedure.

Simcity Buildit game

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Last but not the least, I wanted to say that Simcity Buildit is exciting and great game to play. A young generation guy should always go with this game even if he doesn’t likes to play Simulation games. You can post down your comments below if you have any questions about it.

How Homescapes is Better game for Android?

You must have heard of Multiple Android games that are available on Google play Store. There are many games that are popular on this platform ranging from Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, Simcity Buildit and many more. The only reason is that these games are based on Strategy and technical things.


Homescapes is one such game that have done very good business on Android platform. We are going to see some of the reasons behind its popularity and how better it is against other Mobile games.

What is Homescapes?

From the Makers of Gardenscapes, Homescapes is one such game that is released by Playrix. They have already built many games like this and continue to do so as these games do very good market for them. In Homescapes, You can design your house in your own fashion.

Managing your home gets you so much diamonds and gems so that you can spend on various resources of your house. An alternate way of getting these resources is with the help of Homescapes Hack tool. With this tool, You can literally generate unlimited amount of resources online and without paying a single penny out of your pockets.

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Now, Homescapes is obviously a better game if you try to compare it with other games. I would recommend you playing this game in free time. It is one of best game to try if you have a perfect android device and want to gain excitement in your time. Enjoy playing the game.

How Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Hack is better to Use!

We are now producing one of the best hack which is called Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle hack for the users. You can think of various games that are being played on the internet but Dragon ball z have really made its trend in its own way. The thing is that konami productions don’t want to spoil their mood. They are producing some of best possible games on the android and iOS platforms like this one.

Dokkan Battle hack

So, how you can get unlimited Dragon stones in this game? I know that you want to get unlimited stones as fast as possible. Don’t do hurry because I will help you in getting these things in just a matter of minutes. All you need to do is follow up some steps and You are done.

There are many different ways to hack for Dragons stones. The first possible way is to grab dragon stones amount in your game account. This is possible through the online script released first ever by the Konami productions itself. The second possible way is to have coins amount limited in the Dragon ball z Dokkan battle hack tool and the game. This way you can grab lots of Stones in less period of time.

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Don’t ever get afraid of using your dragon stones because the latest version of hack can do all the tasks for you in minutes. Just use the online hack and you will gain unlimited amount of resources in the game. We are now saying thanks to everyone who have read this particular post. It was great time talking about Dragon ball dokkan battle game.

How to Get FREE Instagram Followers Easily!

Instagram followers is difficult task for everyone now a days. Everyone wants to have a good profile on various social media networks. They want to get famous and get lots of audience to visit their page again and again. So, Instagram followers generator can help you in this case. All you need to do is read this post fully so that you can be aware of all the facts and figures about Instagram network.

Instagram Followers Hack

To get started you need a Perfect Instagram username. To see that, you need to scrape a big list of username by searching over the social network. You will find lots of popular people with their profiles of Instagram Followers Hack and names. They are very famous and they also can give you many followers for free of cost. Once you find a nice profile, you need to scrape usernames of that profile.

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Now the profile can be very interesting if you want to have lots of followers. The latest Instagram Followers generator now comes into right place over here. It can give you bunch of these in just a matter of minutes. All you need to follow is some guidelines. It is also better for you to follow some of these guidelines. If you liked this article then do post you comments down below so that we can post your reply as well.